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Portraits with Santa

A big THANK YOU to all who came out to visit us and take their holiday portraits. There have been so many fun families and we continue having a great time sharing in this holiday season with you.


To Order Additional Prints:

STEP 1: Choose and Order your Portraits

Please note that your order is not complete until

you have completed the payment portion of your reorder.


STEP 2: Pay for your Reorder:


Package A - (1) 8x10, or
Package B - (1) 5x7 and (4) Wallets
, or
Package C - (8) Wallets, or
Package D - (3) 4x6, or
Package E - (2) 5x7

Cost: $14.00 + $2 Shipping



Package F - Combo of 2 above Packages

Cost: $28.00 + $2 Shipping




Package G - Combo of 3 above Packages

Cost: $42.00 + $2 Shipping



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Thank you for allowing us to

share in the Holiday Season

with you and your Family!


Merry Christmas!


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